In partnership with an excellent network of designers, repro managers, print managers, printers and binders in the UK, Europe and beyond, Matt Price produces a variety of printed matter and publications for clients. This ranges from co-ordinating the printing of invitations, promotional brochures and exhibition catalogues to luxury and high-end trade and contract publications, prototyping, limited editions, artist projects and other special projects. Printing methods cover anything from traditional letter-pressing to colour silkscreening onto cloth slipcases.

Whether digitally printed publications in small print runs or substantial print runs of litho-printed books, he regularly produces both low- and high-budget printed materials according to a client’s brief, either working alongside client-requested professionals and companies, or putting together his own bespoke professional teams for particular projects.

Beyond printing, this international network extends editorially to include other writers, project editors, copy editors, sub-editors, proofreaders, translators, transcribers, indexers, photographers and illustrators, meaning that bespoke professional services can be provided for virtually any printed project.