With approaching fifteen years in the industry, Matt Price has developed good relationships with a number of independent and major trade publishers, by whom he is either commissioned to work on projects, or to whom he proposes new titles. He has also put together proposals, brokered partnerships and worked on publishing agreements and budgets for projects between multiple public and/or private partners.

He has helped to establish new publishing houses and imprints, and advised on or facilitated sales and distribution arrangements for some clients. He has worked on a number of reprints, foreign-language editions, co-publishing, and licensed and partnership editions, as well as collaborated with PR teams and agencies to launch and promote new publications. He is often able to advise clients on print and publishing options for their publications, and for certain projects can provide bespoke services from book concept to bookstore. In spring 2013, Price established Anomie Publishing, an imprint with international distribution, which launched its first title in summer 2013.